Python Turtle – My House

house-python-turtleUsing Python Turtle we created a range of functions to draw a house.

We use these functions in our main program but can’t seem to get it to work. We believe the code has all the required instructions but these are being processed in the wrong order.

Did you know?

When running a program, the computer follows your instructions one line at a time, in the same order as these instructions appear in your program. This is called sequencing.


To fix this code you may have to reorder the lines of code in the correct order/sequence.

Also one of the windows seems to appear in the wrong position. It seems to be an issue with the parameters being used with the drawWindow() function.

Can you re-organise this code to recreate the picture of a house as above.

Extension Task #1

Add another cloud on the left hand side of the picture, partling covering up the sun.

Extension Task #2

Convert all the windows to round windows except the middle window to become square.

Extension Task #3

Color the front door in light blue instead of red.

Extension Task #4

Add a chimney on the roof of the house. To do so you will need to write a new function called drawChimney() in the tab.

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