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sale-labelsShopping during the sales can sometimes be very confusing. With discounted prices at 10%, 20%, 50% or even 70%!

For this challenge you are going to write a Python script that prompts the user to enter a discounted price in pounds (or in your own currency) (e.g. £90) and the discount rate that this price benefits from (e.g. 25%).

Your program will then calculate and display the original price (price before discount) of the item (e.g. £120).



Your program will consist of 3 key sections: Input > Process > Output

The flowchart of your program is as follows:

Python Code

Your task is to complete the following Python code:


You can now use your code to complete the following test plan:

Test # Input Values Expected Output Actual Output
#1 Discounted Price: £90
Discount Rate: 25%
Original Price: £120
#2 Discounted Price: £45
Discount Rate: 40%
Original Price: £75
#3 Discounted Price: £210
Discount Rate: 30%
Original Price: £300


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