Arithmetic Quiz

arithmetic-quiz-calculatorFor this challenge we will create a maths quiz consisting of ten arithmetic questions. Each question will be randomly generated using two random operands between 1 and 12 and one random operator, either + (addition), – (subtraction) or x (multiplication). We will not include the division operator as this could result in a decimal value.

We will include a scoring system to our quiz. The player will be asked one question at a time and score 10 points per correct answer and lose 5 points per incorrect answer.

Complete the code

We have started with just a few lines to generate a random question.
Your task is to add some code to:

  1. Calculate the correct answer,
  2. Compare the user answer with the correct answer to see if the user is correct or not,
  3. Add 10 points for a correct answer or subtract 5 points for an incorrect answer,
  4. Use a loop to repeat this code 10 times,
  5. Display the final score, out of 100.

Extension Task

Why not add a leaderboard to your quiz. This would be used to store the player’s scores and display the top ten scores on screen, in descending order.

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