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For this challenge we are going to use a Python script to calculate the area in square meters of two different flats.

To do so we will write a computer program that will add up all the areas of each room.

Most rooms have a rectangle shape. So we will first define a function that takes two parameters: width and length and return the area of the rectangle using the following formula:

area = width * length

Let’s use this formula to calculate the area of this small flat:Flat_0

Your Challenge

Tweak the code above to calculate the area of the following two flats: (Click on each picture to zoom in).


Challenge #2

The area of a right-angled triangle can be calculated as follows:
area = width * length / 2

Add a new function called getTriangleArea to return the area of a right-angled triangle using two parameters: width and length.

Use both the getRectangleArea and getTriangleArea functions to calculate the area of this room:

Challenge #3:

Use your code to calculate the area of this small mansion (Click on picture to zoom in):



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