Area Calculator Flowchart Challenge

In this challenge you will design an algorithm to calculate the area of various shapes as listed below:

Shape Name Area
area-square Square width2
area-rectangle Rectangle width x length
area-circle Circle pi x radius2
area-triangle Triangle base x height / 2

Your algorithm should:

  • Ask the user which of the above four shapes they would like to calculate the area of,
  • Based on the chosen shape, your algorithm should ask the end user to enter the required dimensions (e.g. width, or width and length or radius or base and height),
  • Calculate and display the area of the chosen shape.

Flowchart Challenge

Use our flowchart desing tool to create the flowchart of your algorithm.

Online Flowchart Creator

Python Challenge

Once you have completed your flowchart, you can implement this algorithm using Python code.

Test Plan

Test # Input Values Expected Output Actual Output
#1 Square
Width: 5
Area: 25
#2 Rectangle
Width: 4
Length: 6
Area: 24
#3 Circle
Radius: 10
Area: 314.159
#4 Triangle
Base: 7
Height: 4
Area: 14

Extension Task

Complete your algorithm to cater for additional shapes including parallelograms, rhombus and hexagons.


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