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SQL Investigation: The Stolen Gemstones

On July the 12th, a hundred prestigious guests were invited to the Precious Gemstones Exposition at the famous Royal Castle, England. This exposition provides a unique opportunity to admire the most precious and valuable gemstones in the world. The gemstones

Relational Databases – Crossword

Are you confident with your knowledge of key Relational Databases concepts? You can find our more about Relational Databases on the following page.

Relational Databases

Tables, Records & Fields A table is a collection of records. Each record is made of fields. Each field has a data type such as String/Text, Integer, Float/Real, Boolean, Date & Time, etc. Primary Keys, Foreign Keys & Relationships The

Question Time – Relational Databases

– Online Database – – SQL Activities – Feeling confident with your computing knowledge of Relational Databases? Spend a few minutes to answer or research the following questions: ? What are tables used for in a relational database? ? How

Learn SQL

SQL is a language used to query a database. In other words SQL is used to filter, sort and manipulate data stored in relational databases. By completing the following activities you will learn more about the syntax of SQL and