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The Computer Shop – SQL Task

Working for an online computer shop, you have been asked to assist customers in finding the best computer deal to match their requirements and needs. Your shop has access to a large variety of laptop and desktop computers and hence

The Bike Shop – SQL Task

As a newly appointed shop assistant for your local bike shop, you have been asked to help customers find their dream bike: a bike that meets all of their requirements. Your shop has access to a large variety of mountain

SQL Investigation: The Stolen Gemstones

On July the 12th, a hundred prestigious guests were invited to the Precious Gemstones Exposition at the famous Royal Castle, England. This exposition provides a unique opportunity to admire the most precious and valuable gemstones in the world. The gemstones

Relational Databases – Crossword

Are you confident with your knowledge of key Relational Databases concepts? You can find our more about Relational Databases on the following page.

Relational Databases

Tables, Records & Fields A table is a collection of records. Each record is made of fields. Each field has a data type such as String/Text, Integer, Float/Real, Boolean, Date & Time, etc. Primary Keys, Foreign Keys & Relationships The

Question Time – Relational Databases

– Online Database – – SQL Activities – Feeling confident with your computing knowledge of Relational Databases? Spend a few minutes to answer or research the following questions: ? What are tables used for in a relational database? ? How

Learn SQL

SQL is a language used to query a database. In other words SQL is used to filter, sort and manipulate data stored in relational databases. By completing the following activities you will learn more about the syntax of SQL and