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Scratch -Take the Quiz!

Answer these 10 questions to test your understanding of Block Programming when using Scratch. Take the Quiz! (open full screen) Check that you understand the different types of validation checks by completing this quiz: Extension Task Use the scratch website

Space Invaders in Scratch

This step by step tutorial will demonstrate how to re-create “Space Invaders” using Scratch.

Breakout Game In Scratch

This blog post will guide you through the main steps needed to create a breakout game in scratch.

Catch Me If You Can

In this challenge we will create a three-player game using Scratch. One player (the yellow ball) will be chased by two other players the red player and the blue player. The red player will use the arrow keys to control

How to create a bouncing ball in Scratch

Step 1 – Change your main sprite to a ball Step 2 – Add the following script to your sprite:  This tutorial is available as a pdf: How to create a bouncing ball in Scratch See how to create a

How to score points when your sprite collides with another sprite (in Scratch)

This tutorial is available as a pdf. It focuses on how to create a score variable for your game and how to score point when your sprite catches/touches/collides with other sprites. Download this tutorial as a pdf: How to Score

How to create flying/falling objects in Scratch

In this tutorial we will get a spaceship to fall from the top to the bottom of the screen. Add the following code to your sprite (e.g. Spaceship): To understand this script you need to understand how x and y

How to create a timer in Scratch?

Step 1 – Create a new variable called “timer”. Step 2 – Make sure you have two backdrops for your stage (The main background for your game and a Game Over background). Step 3 – Add the following code to

How to control your Sprite in Scratch…

… using the arrow keys   Step 1 – Add the following code to your sprite: Step 2 – If you don’t want your sprite to rotate, click on the blue “i” icon on your sprite. Try these “rotation style”

Star Script in Scratch

Scratch Script

Here is a cool little script for you to try…