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Computer Hardware Acronyms Galore!

Are you confident with your knowledge of key computer hardware terminology? Check if you know what these acronyms stand for!

Computer Science Wordle!

Have a go at guessing the hidden computer science keywords…

Computer Hardware Crossword

A computer system consists of hardware and software. The hardware components are the physical components of the computer system whereas software refers to the programs that run on and control the computer hardware. Some of the hardware components can be

Scratch -Take the Quiz!

Answer these 10 questions to test your understanding of Block Programming when using Scratch. Take the Quiz! (open full screen) Check that you understand the different types of validation checks by completing this quiz: Extension Task Use the scratch website

Computer Graphics Crossword

Are you confident with your understanding of computer graphics? Can you explain the difference between bitmap graphics and vector-based graphics?

Bitmap vs. Vector Based Graphics

It’s almost impossible to discuss graphics software without first establishing an understanding of the differences between the two major graphic types: bitmap and vector images. The following “fill in the blank” activities will test your understanding of the characteristics of

Data Validation Quiz

When programming a computer system, it is good practice to include a range of validation checks in the code to check if the data being inputted by the end-user follows some basic rules. The aim of validation checks is to

A Level Computer Science – Connect Wall

A Level Connect Wall Group the cards below in groups of 4 by clicking on each card. Next Level

GCSE Computer Science – Connect Wall

GCSE Connect Wall Group the cards below in groups of 4 by clicking on each card. Next Level

Computer Networks – Quiz!

Take the Quiz! (open full screen)