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Keep Calm and Carry On Coding

When your browser displays a webpage on screen it uses 3 different programming languages called HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We call the combination of these three languages “client-side web technologies”. Each of the three language has its own syntax and

Responsive Website Layout

When designing a website, you have to consider the different sizes of screens of your internet users. These may access your website using a computer (desktop/laptop), a tablet, a smartphone, a smart TV… A responsive website is a website where

Using Google Fonts

When formatting text on a webpage, you will more likely want to use different types of fonts. You may be tempted to use fonts that are installed on your own computers. However, you need to be careful as there is

CSS Snowman

Complete the following snowman using HTML and CSS code: See the Pen CSS Snowman by 101 Computing (@101Computing) on CodePen. Add a Message Add a “Merry Christmas” message above or below your snowman. And use CSS and google fonts to

HTML – External CSS Stylesheet

Did you know? You can use CSS code both within your HTML page or as a separate CSS file Internal CSS Stylesheet Internal CSS is saved wihtin the HTML page by adding a <STYLE> tag inside the <HEAD> section of

Star Wars Quotes

Learning Objectives In this challenge we are learning how to format text on a web page using a range of CSS properties. Remember the key syntax for CSS is as follows: In this challenge we will use various CSS properties

Happy New Year!

Learning Objectives In this challenge you will learn how to format text using CSS including how to: Changing font style, Changing font color, Changing font weight, Changing text to italic, Underlining text. We will also investigate the use of borders,

Road Signs in HTML / CSS

In this set of challenges we are going to use CSS to recreate various road signs. Learning Objectives By completing these challenges you will learn more about how CSS can be used to format information on the page. We will

HTML Applications (.HTA)

Have you ever heard of HTA files aka HTML Applications? If you not here is what you need to know about HTA: HTA files look very similar to HTML files but when you save them you need to give them

Do you know your colour codes?

When creating your HTML pages you will most likely use colour codes in HTML or even better in your CSS code. Do you understand how hexadecimal colour codes work? If so you should be able to guess the colour codes