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How old will you be in…


In this challenge we will write a Python program to help us find out hold we will be in the coming years! We have designed the algorithm of our program using both a Flowchart and Pseudocode. Algorithm Reviewing the Algorithm

Automatic Petrol Pump Algorithm


In this challenge we will implement an algorithm to be used in an Automatic Petrol Pump to interact with the customer and calculate the total cost of filling up their vehicle. The fuel options and tariffs at this petrol station

ATM Algorithm


An ATM, a.k.a. Cash Withdrawal Machine, uses a computer program to interact with the customer and count the number of banknotes to dispense based on the customer’s requested amount. In the UK, ATM’s tend to only stock £20 banknotes and

Murder Mystery


Doctor Black has just been found dead in his bedroom. He has been knocked down by a heavy metallic object, most likely the candlestick that was found on the floor next to Doctor Black. When falling down, Doctor Black broke

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