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Text Based Animations


In this challenge we will use Python code to create text-based (ASCII) animations. Each of these animations is using a main loop that repeats the given code every 0.2 seconds and clear the screen between two iterations (frames). Flying Rocket

Splash Screen and Progress Bar


Adding a Splash Screen to your Python Projects A splash screen usually appears for a few seconds while a game or program is launching. It can contain basic information such as the name of the game and its version number.

Football Results Tracker


You have been asked to create a program to keep track of the scores from the football Premier League. Your program will store match results in a text file using the following format: home team;away team;home score;away score; For instance,

Page Rank Algorithm – Take the Quiz


Check your understanding of the page rank algorithm used by search engines such as Google to sort search results. To find out more about this algorithm, read this blog post first: Search Engine Indexing and Page Rank Algorithm Quiz #1

Search Engine Indexing and Page Rank Algorithm


Search Engines Indexing Search engines like Google maintain huge databases called “indexes” of all the keywords and the web addresses of pages where these keywords appear. When a web designer creates a new website they can contact the search engine

How many Bytes in…


In this challenge we will write a set of functions to calculate how many Bytes there are in a given number of kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes or petabytes. First let’s investigate the link between these storage units: Subroutines? By completing

Four-in-a-row challenge!

Connect4 Data Structure using a 2D-array

In this blog post you will use Python Code to complete this simulation of the game of connect 4. (Rules of the game) You will first need to reverse-engineer the code provided. The code so far is used to: Display

Langton’s Ant


Langton’s Ant is a cellular automaton that models an ant moving on a grid of cells following some very basic rules. At the start of the simulation, the ant is randomly positioned on a 2D-grid of white cells. The ant

Number Sequence – Finding the nth Term


Can you complete the following number sequences? Number Sequence #1: Number Sequence #2: Number Sequence #3: Number Sequences There are different types of number sequences. Let’s investigate the most widely used types of number sequences. You may want to read

Original Price Calculator


Shopping during the sales can sometimes be very confusing. With discounted prices at 10%, 20%, 50% or even 70%! For this challenge you are going to write a Python script that prompts the user to enter a discounted price in