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Star Wars Quotes

Learning Objectives In this challenge we are learning how to format text on a web page using a range of CSS properties. Remember the key syntax for CSS is as follows: In this challenge we will use various CSS properties

HTML Applications (.HTA)

Have you ever heard of HTA files aka HTML Applications? If you not here is what you need to know about HTA: HTA files look very similar to HTML files but when you save them you need to give them

Do you know your <HTML> tags?

Download our HTML Cheat Sheet and use it as a reference when working on all your HTML web projects.

16 Million Colours

When designing webpages you have to identifiy the key colours of your colour scheme. And considering that the RGB colour palette consists of 16 Million colours (16,777,216 to be exact) this can be a tricky task! Website such as

Do you know your colour codes?

When creating your HTML pages you will most likely use colour codes in HTML or even better in your CSS code. Do you understand how hexadecimal colour codes work? If so you should be able to guess the colour codes

HTML & CSS Editor: NotePad++

A text-editor will be required for you to type your code especially when writing HTML, CSS or Javascript code. Our recommendation is to use a free text editor such as Notepad++. There are other alternatives that would most likely be